Lee Gibson Grant

Chief Trouble Maker, civiliXation

I Co-founded one of the very first Consultancy entities for Asset backing and tokenization, in 2014 and the leading inspiration for “Drachmae” a project dedicated to finding a blockchain solution for Greece, a “Central bank in a Box”. I’ve been a successful entrepreneur in telecommunication and energy efficiency, taking new technologies into the marketplace and was one of the very first people to introduce LED technology at government levels with carbon credit backed projects. In Telecoms I’ve worked with MNO, MVNO and wholesale services. From his experience I then saw a natural fit in the Fintech space with Mobile Money harnessing Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology to create a new breed of Hybrid Mobile Money Services, Smart City and IOT Infrastructures.

Currently I’ve launched Moldova's first Crypto currency exchange with banking facilities to cater to 8 fiat pairs “CiviliXation, alongside the creation of DTMA "Digital & Distributed Technology Moldova association" to act as a safety net for international investors and projects as a go between at Government level within the Republic of Moldova, Other function of DTMA are for educational resources.